Welcome to Earl Grey & Polka Dots

Here at Earl Grey & Polka Dots we believe in connection, friendship, and tea: We believe in connecting with a cozy tea chat on the couch, or writing a handwritten note. We believe in celebrating friendships and standing shoulder to shoulder with the women in our lives. And we believe in the quiet & connecting nature of tea: to drink a cup as self-care or to share a cup with a dear friend.

The story of steady + flight

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What is cozy chat Wednesdays?

Two Wednesdays a month you find a bit of magic in your email. A cozy chat with me!
We'll talk about how to love the Earth better, what the deal with grief is, and how to celebrate the women in our lives.
All while drinking a cup of tea.
P.S. Your email is safe. I won't sell it, share it, or call it names *wink*