December Bucket List

Hello dear friend,

If you're like me, your December ends up feeling like a race to the holidays and you look back on the month and think: "Did I even enjoy it?"

It's so hard to not feel the pressures of Pinterest perfect holiday decorating, lists upon lists of presents to buy (including one for Carol at work who drives you nuts), and doing it all with the Holiday spirit. In the end, we often feel resentful of the season.

Well, this year is going to be different for me my friend. And it can be for you as well! I've created this downloadable December Bucket List. It's a PDF you can download, print, & fill out! Plus, it's pretty so you can put it up on your wall/fridge.

The only rule is that you are only allowed to fill this list with things that bring you joy, comfort, and peace. This is not a list of things to DO, but instead of experiences to enjoy. When you look back on December 2018 what do you want to remember? Whatever those moments are - put them on the list. No matter how small they may seem. Sometimes the small moments matter the most.

Here are a few items I've got on my list:

1. Drive around with Kevin, drink hot cocoa, and look at Christmas lights

2. Watch Christmas Vacation with Kevin while we decorate the house.

3. Take the Polar Express train ride in Hood River, OR. (tickets acquired!!!)

4. Cuddle with the cats while we listen to Christmas music.

Grab your own copy below!

Happy Holidays my dearest!

With love & tea,


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