My love affair with Matcha!

Earlier this month I decided to switch from my daily cup of tea from Earl Grey to Matcha. I'd been considering doing this for a while but decided October would be the month of Matcha.

Each day I generally drink two Matcha Lattes: one in the morning and one before I begin teaching in the afternoon (my other business). It's been 11 days and the change in my energy is noticeable. I work late four days a week (until between 7:45 - 8:15 pm) and I find I can make it to that time without dragging. And I generally get up and start working around 7 am.

Obviously every person's body is different but if you are interested in adding Matcha into your day here's the things you'll need to purchase:

First, the Matcha itself. I use this particular one because it's made specifically for making lattes...yum!

Next you'll need a few tools. Matchaful has a kit that is perfect:

And finally, if you want to make a latte you'll need a milk frother.

The one I have is no longer available so I've linked a few options here! I haven't tried them so be sure to read the reviews to find the best one! 

To make a matcha latte:

Sift 1/2 tsp for every 8oz (I use 1 tsp in my big 15oz Friendship Mug) of Matcha using the strainer. This is important to help get out the clumps. THIS IS IMPORTANT STEP! Don't forget it! I didn't do this at first and was not happy with the result. Clumpy Matcha is not good.

Add hot water (warmed to 180 degrees) and use your whisk to mix the Matcha and water. For a Latte just add 1-2ozs of water. 

Optional: add in a tsp of pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste

Heat milk in milk frother. Add heated milk to your Matcha and voila! A Matcha Latte!

Happy latte making! And let me know how your Matcha journey goes! 

With love & Matcha,


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