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I have a lot of coffee mugs (yes, I use mine for coffee more than tea). I mean a *LOT!* I bought these for 3 major reasons. First: they're simply gorgeous. I love the simplicity of them, the gold foil, and the message. Second: I wanted to share with my best friend. We've both been through hard seasons recently. As a maritime historian, the anchor is my symbol. And my friend, a professor of digital rhetoric & monsters fit the hot air ballon perfectly. Third: Sara. She's sweet, kind, and she spreads a great message. When I read the story behind the designs, I knew I had to get them. They're durable, carefully crafted, and wonderful.


When I first originally saw these hot air balloon and anchor mugs I thought the story behind it was absolutely sweet and once I read the description I knew immediately who to get these for. My best friends brother passed away suddenly last year and felt this was meant to be. Now with every life event we go through, little conversation we have or meme we see we now just drop a quick anchor hot air balloon text. These mugs are more than a mug. The meaning behind it has forever left an impact in our friendship. So grateful for Sara and her products.


The story of steady + flight


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